15 Eco- Friendly Products that one can use for sustainable Living.

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So hello there, we can see in India and all over the world, the level of the plastic, electronic, biomedical wastes, that are causing a huge impact in our today’s day to day earth’s climatic, biological activities.

So firstly, going with the facts that all of us have had heard, that the plastics that man which made so as to hide  laziness in the late 1867 by the person called Alexandar parke’s for and with an aim to reduce the use of again another exploited natural resource called ivory which is obtained from the elephants tusks, Although it was invented as an accident ( First the researcher wanted to develop an alternative to the shellac a waterproofing material but resulted in plastic as an invention. But it was still an organic plastic).

But another person who made plastic  that was entirely inorganic completely synthetic was by the person  in early 1907, by a well known chemist called Leo Baekeland, he was a Belgian chemist.

From then the plastic got its own evolution today its present everywhere in form of micro plastic.

It is said by many researchers around the world that only  just only 9% of the total world’s plastic based material is recyclable.

The remaining 79% is enjoying itself in the place of the landfills, gutters, soils underneath, And this number is way beyond in millions interms of harming the sea creatures. in every way after oil spills all over the world.

And yes you have to be shocked with the next vibing fact that we consume the micro-plastics daily in our lives.


So you might think that this plastic man made problem has taken such an huge size that now we have to live with it we can’t help our environment, But wait we definitely can make an huge impact , in-fact we can bring back the earth to its natural state again with these eco-friendly products


So let us soarthrough these products, before soaring just do a promise to yourself to make use of these list some way or another, and also you will share it maximum reach as possible to make everyone aware around us.


To make an impact to save our environment’s degrading condition.

Here below are the lists you can either scroll down to the way bottom or can choose from this list.

The Reusable daily use gears


 1. Jute Based bags:

The gunny bags are the worth replacing the plastic based products. You can buy the gunny or jute bags or sacks, rugs, carpets, and replace it with the traditional or modern plastic.

2.  Bagasse bags:

These are the bags that are made out of the extracted sugarcane material. The left out after extracting the juice from the sugarcane results in fiber waste called as the bagasse, these waste fiber’s are used as a wet pulp or dry board.

The major difference is that the wet pulp has more impurities than the dried one , so initially the impurities are removed manually or mechanically and then mixed with the other mixture and dried to make  a dry board.


Then this is added to the hydraulic press along with the waterproofing agent, anti-oil to make useful products such as paper, plates, bowls.

3.  The plastics to terta paks.

Well who can forget the morning or the evening plastic covers of our milk packets that we use it and throw away.

Well there are many companies that  can convert these plastic packets into reusable products.

They simply shred these plastics packets into small pieces after procurement and then compress them via heat friction or hydraulic press and make them into desired shape and size for daily use of kitchen utensils like trays, tables, photo frames, chairs.

4.  PET fabric from waste bottles.

One uses the bottles made of the plastic that just charges from 10 to 20 rupees and throws away, many such actions we see and do in the public places like the bus stands, railways are the worst hit by these acts.

But we need not worry if we take action towards this misleading acts that harm our environment.

  • The PET bottles are the one that now many companies managing the waste are turning them into fabrics for daily use.


  • So the process involves not shredding of the plastics but converting them into yarn which in turn is converted into thread.
  • Finally the tailors make use of their knacks and sometimes stitch with other fabrics to make amazing products.


  • Such as backpacks, pillow  seat covers for the cars, cushion covers, mats, rugs, in India.

 5. The waste from Textile Industry to eco friendly product.

Synthetic fabrics of the textile industry which plays an ample role in polluting the soil, can be controlled if the fabrics especially the waste and the thrown fabrics can be reprocessed and redesigned into durable products.

Minimal clothes. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

In our country, Panipat is the leading recycling textiles in order to make a rich vibrant fashionable clothes and sustainable use of the waste textiles.

This industry is small now and not yet properly added to the modern fashion industry but sooner or later will boon in every parts of India.

They usually involve the tribes and the local muslim artists to make designs and wove recycled fabrics into an durable finished sustainable product.

6. Teak or Harwood Alternative

Well who loves the mangoes, I think that everyone of us, A quick fact about mangoes is that there are about 1500 varieties of mangoes in India.

We usually sell the barks of the trees, or burn them, But now these barks or the wood got from the mangoes trees are used to make plates.

As they are abundant and durable they are also cost effective to manufacture.


But one thing in the early stage as a problem was that the mango trees were prone to the insects and the fungal attack but now if the wood is dried and seasoned like the teak woods, then they are able to resist the fungal and bacterial attack,.

7.  Plants an alernative to Plastics and Leather

An major alternative to the leather that involves the animal skin the major hub in our India is Kanpur.

The plant sources are the cork (from the bark of a tree or the maize leftover). pineapple fiber, also some definite varieties of cactus.

In India there is a company called the Studio Beej which is performing this beautiful task of providing an great alternative to the leathers.

The pineapple skin is used to make the leather like fier and with the help of these natural fibers one can easily produce a real durable bags, belts, backpacks, wallets just like the leather.

8. The daily alternative to the plastic Wraps

We daily explore near the supermarket, and observe the plastic based packaging in the shelf of the chips and other bread , shampoos samll strips, other plastic packaging related products.



But these plastics after 2 to 3 rounds of recycling are not going anywhere but to rest in the landfill.

For these packaging alternatives India has already created first a biofuel using this plant and secondly an alternative to the food packaging that is the jatropha .

The institute which has done this feat is  Salt and Marine Chemical Research Institute (CSMCRI) which is located in Banglore.

9. Stone paper plastic a great alternative to plastic

And many other alternatives to the packaging industries include Stone paper plastic this is yet another inspiring innovation out there, this is made using the most abundant available material availabe in the earth’s crust that is calcium carbonate and in production often involves less water.

Via this one can have a great alternative to the plastic bags, packaging material.

10. Ereca palm leaves containers

The word is i think everyone heard that using this one can easily achieve in making the goods shelter the boxes, containers, for products this palm leaves is always beautiful yet durable and ecofriendly product too.


11.  Plant plastics

So yeah, Bioplastics are made from cellulose obtained from the plants which contains the celluloses such as corn, jatropha,and many other which is broken down into PLA, or polylactic acid.

Thus you ca ask where it comes from well it mainly comes from the corn plants waste parts also the corns are very easy to grow again.


PLAs can be used to make drinks bottles, normal packaged waterbottles and may different varieties of containers with different grading, yet it is biodegradable.

12. Stationery seeded with Biodegradable

Well one can easily look after this one thing, all the students can easily find now a days the stationery which has seeds in it once the stationery item gets used instead of throwing away, they can use it to the soil to grow the plants.

Which is also a an eco-friendly way to save the environment from micro plastics.

13. Milk As Plastic

We all have milk daily. But do you know that white milk often contains  a substance which is the major constituent in making plastic its called Casein. This was the major constituent generally it is a protein, But due to the industrial revolution and in demand of hard and durable plastics it went out of fashion.

A US based comany created a biodegradable plastic via combining the casein with  clay and  a reactive molecule called (glyceraldehyde)

This innovation can help in packaging of  food and beverage industry, as well as pharmaceuticals cover of tablets and agrochemicals indusrty.

14. Edible Cutleries

Narayana Peesapathy  a man everyone knows about he is the one who invented the modern spons that are edible for everyone. He created a few years back in India by  from flours of jowar (sorghum) blended and mixed it with rice and wheat.

Voila, The spoons contain no chemicals, preservatives, fat, emulsifiers,nor any kind of  artificial colors, or milk products. They’re 100 percent natural, biodegradable, and come in a variety of sweet and savory flavors. This now has literally changed the food industries base level of utensils.

What an impact made by the individual.

15. Upcycle the Electronic Wastes:

Well as the name all by itself suggests that there is a way lot of the electronic wastes generated in the envionment by electrnic waste after the plastic waste.

These some of the electronic wastes can be used as  a cheap alternative to buying the raw materials instead of producing it again. And some of them can be upcycled to create a theme park for the public to view.



Well Eco friendly products can be made from  a numerous natural and artificial based products already available with mild modifications. Also they definitely stand apart from the synthethic ones.


Our India not only is contributing to ecofriendly products but also taking an initiative to make it world class level.Also many countries in the world are relatively working and striving hard to make ecofriendly alternative in all means. Thats a great move to save the environment. And it is said aptly that where the ecofriendly products lies there only is the real innovation.

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