8 best yoga poses for Back Pain Relieving

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Practicing yoga will help one relieve muscle tension cramping and other pains.

So if you are dealing with back pain yoga is one thing that can make you feel better in a short period of time.
Also when you practice exercises daily for even if few minutes then you will gain more awareness of your body so below I have mentioned a list of yoga poses that can help you in relieving stress from your back.
The first pose is known as the cat-cow pose

1. cat-cow pose

  • Firstly Sit in vajrasana.
  • Then now or as a support on your knees raise yourself and bend forward.
  • Keep your hands parallel to your knees with a gaping between them.
  • Now inhale and at the same time make your stomach drop down towards the floor or mat
  • Again exhale while keeping your chin towards your chest and let the back or the spine lift up.
Continue doing this for at least 1 minute or one and half a minute with the same breathing.
Next one is the downward facing dog

2. Downward facing dog

Again it’s one of the good pain relievers of back and sciatica.
So first, the cat-cow post starts with the vajrasana and bend over in such a way that you form a v shape while keeping your both hands and leg parallel to each other.
So the moment goes this way.
  • First the plank position.
  • Next Chin towards your chest and move inside towards your knees let knees be straight while tucking in.
  • The breathing pattern goes this way first while coming to the plank position – exhale.
  • And while talking in the chain in v shape – inhale.
This breathing  pattern can also be reversed in order to get more benefit from such asana.

3. Extended Triangle- trikonasana

This is also one of the rejuvenating asanas that especially helps to reduce back pain neck pain.
So this asana stretches almost entire body parts such as the spine, hips, and groin, and strengthens the legs, also the neck, and chest.
Trikonasana illustration by sachin
How to do Tikona asan:
  • Stand straight and let your gap between the feet base be around 31/2 ft to 4 feet
  • Now let your right legs face 180 degrees and let your right hand come downwards.
  • At the same time let your left hand come about the right hand.
  • Next, tilt your head towards the upward left hand and focus on the fingers.
  • Then, relax and repeat the same with the left and side do this cycle for at least.


trikonasana illusration by sachin

4. Shalabh asan – locust pose

This is one of the core muscles building asanas and also helps in reducing the lower back pain and tiredness.
This asana helps in reducing lower back pain, and also helps in building strength in the arms legs, and torso.
Way to do it – shalabhasan
  • Lie down towards your belly.
  • Next, your position and after back and at the same time raise your hands parallel to each other.
  • And hold your breath. So to get more benefit out of this asana one can deepen this core strength-building asana.
  • Now bring both your hands toward your intestine or stomach area and interlock them.
  • And with the chin in the front touching the ground.
  • And with the muscles in your 4 arms try to lift your legs upward.
The higher you lift up the more core strength you have built upon. While doing this shalabh asan.
Try to maintain and normal breathing and try to remain in this for at least 1 minute.
shalabh Asan

5. Setu asana or Bridge pose

The term Setu represents the bridge this is a simply another effective asana that can help your back pain and even also headaches.
Way to do it – Setu bandan asana.
  • So first come into shavasan which is lying on your back at the bottom position.
  • Next, lift your both legs towards your abdomen.
  • And let your both hands lie near the heels of the legs.
  • Next, slowly lift your abdomen and stomach. And relax.
  • So while lifting up just breathe in and while lifting down or relaxing breathe out
But be careful to do this slowly as it involves stretching of your spine.
Or you can hold the lifting position for up to 1 minute and slowly relax back to Shavasana.
sethu bandhan Asan

6. Ardha Matsya Asana- Half Lord of fishes.

So this is one of the simple twisting asanas which helps in relaxing your back muscles and releases the back pain. As this asana involves stretching the hips neck and even head, it is beneficial to all parts of the body.
Way to do it – Ardha Matsya Aasan
  • Start with the Vajrayana
  • Next, lift one of your legs in such a way that it lapses over the other.
No, if your left leg is lifted up place your right hand in front of the knee of the left leg and twist yourself towards the left side let your left hand touch the roundabout on the right-hand hip side.
  • If unable to touch the right-hand side of the hip then keep it near the right leg.
  • And try to turn your head towards the backside or gives it towards the shoulder
  • Repeat this on the opposite side. Do it for at least 1 minute per cycle.


ardha matsya Asan

7. Jathara parivartanasana – two knee spinal twist


So this asana is usually used for pain relief and many people do this. So let us see how to do it.


  1. Just sleep on your back with your knees lifted towards your chest and let both hands be extended to the side.
  2. Slowly now make your legs twist towards the left side by closely keeping the knees together.
  3. For easiness place a pillow between the knees.
  4. So this is the pose that can be done via counter breathing too.
  5. Keep your position of the neck either straight or can turn to the side where the legs are turned,
  6. Focus on deep breathing in and breathing out during this position of twist.
  7. Be in the twisted position for at least 30 seconds and repeat to the opposite side.

8. Balaasana – The Child Pose  for everyone

So this asana, is simple but is very great in terms of stress reliever and also a great pain reliever. People have headaches, migraines, and back pain, and also it helps in strengthening the muscles of the front thigh portion the knees, the ankles, and quadriceps too and some anxiety and stress can be benefitted.

Way to do it – The Child Pose

First, sit in the vajrasan and then bend forward and touch the ground with both hands parallel to each other, or let the hands interlock at the back of the hips and do normal breathing.

Hold the posture for up to a minute or two and relax.

vajrasana forward bend

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So yeah, Although according to recent research Yoga helps in reducing back pain it should be done under supervision or on the instruction given by a doctor or a yoga teacher, or a physical therapist. As it may not be appropriate for all people as many have different body conditions, So please,  be careful and cautious while performing yoga poses and asanas.

So how was the article please let me know in the comment section. Also please help us improve. Thanks see you at the next one soon.



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