Hello everyone this is Sachin Iam an artist, environment admirer by hobby and an engineering grad by profession i will share  knowledge  and facts about new trends on fitness, health, sports, yoga poses and benefits here .

this site is all about Learn Yoga, Yoga benefits and  fitness, pranayama, and ecofriendly sustainable ways solutions for our day to day life 


7 Things about me

    1. Hi , my name is Sachin shukla, Iam an enthusiastic boy constant dreamer and loves Yoga, Drawing, curious about learning new stuffs.
    1. Iam not a fitness guru or an expert in Yoga like “Yoga Acharya Ramdev Baba ” But iam doing Yoga since I was in My 3rd grade .  (tried a joke of But sorry no Offence) I am doing it more than 8 years and still on it. So definitely have a fair knowledge on this.
    1.  So why Yoga, because its Fun and i simply enjoy it.
    1. By profession and degree Iam a B.e Civil Graduate.and now doing blogging . But through this blog i would not be very spiritual instead this blog will be a fun filled accent with easy guide to  Yoga poses and  benefits to everyone.
    1. I like to ride bicycles, running and travel and l like to walk long distances.
    1. This  blog will not be like a buddhas preachings nor like plato or aristotles preachings and when i do preachings of such please stop me.
    1. And what else , I don’t like to procastinate but if i do i  come back immediately.  (That’s again trying to be funny don’t take too serious)

Hope you all like what iam sharing my views on the Yoga and Poses and fitness.

So yeah iam the one who likes to learn and make others also learn through this blog . So learn yoga
every now and then i will post articles on yoga so see you all

If you have any query regrading Site, Advertisement and any other issue, please feel free to contact at soarthrough@proton.me

Sachin xx