An asana for Diabetes: ardha matsyendrasana

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 Hello there everyone today I am  going to tell you how to do ardha matsyendrasana.So yeah before going into this, let me tell you some interesting fact about this Asna. This asana which is called ardha matsyendrasana or also known as half spinal twist.

This Asana especially beneficial for the persons who are suffering from diabetes.

They can easily perform this aasnaa and keep in control then body sugar level by performing this asana.Ardha matsyendrasana is also called as half Lord of fishes pose.

Meaning of ardha matsyendrasana Yoga

So yeah I think you can ask me what is this what is the meaning behind this ardha matsyendrasana so let me elaborate to you.

·        Aradha means half,

·        Matsya means fish,

·        eendra means king.

Pro tip

·        The people having back pain or a severe neck pain someone in the their old age having some disc related problems must avoid this asana   as it’s not advisable for them to do this.


           Who are suffering from an internal injury near the stomach or abdominal part should avoid this asana.


Let’s begin,  Learn this yoga, the right way.So  the following steps which  one should be follow for doing this asana are


Way to do it

     1. First sit in vajrasana position or Sukha Asna position.


     2. Second step while sitting in sukhasana, one has to raise one of the leg.


    3. For more specific keep the right leg down in the same sukhasana position.And other one which is the left one raise it and bring it near your chin.


    4. And now and now breathe in and twist your body towards left at the same time or move your right hand, place it near the knee joint of your left leg.


    5. And now twist yourself and look back side, exhale and breathe normally.


    6. At same time fold your or right hand backwards.


    7. And try to Interconnect with your left handhand.


    8. If you are unable to do the connection, unable to connect both the hands, then simply leave it the way where your hand reaches.


    9. Repeat the same process with your left leg.


   10. Do this at least for one 2 minutes 30 seconds or 60 seconds.

Ardha matseyndra asan




·         Helps to strengthen the spine relieves discomfort , stress, also helps in somewhat  relief in asthma, Also helps increasing the digestive process  which means more appetite.


·         ardha matsyendrasana helps in toning the thighs.


·         Also helps in increasing the flexibility in the body.



Do the yoga practices always after consulting the doctor and also from a yoga instructor as many hacve different body conditions and other compilations .

 So do a consultation with your doctor before doing  any complicated, advance or intermediate move in yoga  exercise.


Conclusion :

So guys how was this article do mention it in the comment it’s a very beneficial yoga for the diabetic patients.


 Do share among your friends and others to spread the knowledge and to know more interesting and elaborated topics are on the way so yeah  Also be healthy and learn yoga


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