Vibrant Asanas to relieve stress and anxiety

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So hello everyone today I am going  to share about asanas to relieve stress and anxiety padmasana , utthita padmasan and vajrasana forward bend so padmasana is an Ultimate meditative pose  everyone knows that so it’s simply   sitting and crossing on legs this  pose was even used in Buddhism and Jainism traditions but even before that  Vedic Puranas mention this pose as a meditative pose.



Before getting into these asanas its steps and its benefits there are few things that you have to keep in mind before starting  off

  Pro tips


  • First one is that the best time to do this  pose is during morning hours it is considered as time to refresh your mind and body but its does not mean that you can’t do this in evening. So  yeah, the best time is morning.


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    • Second tip that this asana will be very much helpful when done in an empty stomach and if you try to do if you have eaten some meals just do it after 4 to 5 hours after your meals.


Breathing Tip: One has to maintain a normal breathing  throughout this yoga asana

So let’s begin





Way to do it(Padmasan)


    • So first sit down stretch your legs now bring your right leg above your left thigh.


    • Similarly bring your left leg above right thigh.


    • Sit straight and bring your both hands in Chin mudra. And close your eyes and do normal breathing




    • It helps in reducing mental stress


    • Also helps in relieving or tight muscle tissues


    • Padmasana also helps in improving digestion


    • also helps in relieving from constipation,  loose motion.


    • This posture also helps in strengthening the pelvic region and enhances stability of the pelvic muscles also helps in maintaining posture during sitting.


    • Padmasana also helps in strengthening our knees and ankle joint


    • if one does this asana as daily routine many of the bone and joint related problems can be eradicated.


    • This asana also helps in awakening the chakras thereby enhancing your alertness .


    • This asana also helps in relieving from anxiety  or fear.


    • People who are suffering from insomnia can also be benefited if one performs  this asana on a regular basis.


    • As this pose helps in improving posture of sitting definitely helps our spine to remain healthy


    • this asana is so simple that people of any age can do this if one is suffering from back ache it would definitely reduce back problems in practiced daily.


    • This asana helps in circulation of blood and respiration process such a way that our lungs capacity increases which is very beneficial to produce oxygen helps inproper brain and body functioning.



Utthita padmasan

This poster is similar to that of padmasana  this asana should be done as as  padmasana  routine  in this posture  the only difference is that one has to lift his body above the ground with help of his hands.


utthita padmasan


Way to do it (utthita padmasan)

    • So first sit down then slowly make the lotus pose by bringing a left leg above your right thigh hand similar living your right leg above your left thigh.


    • And now slowly bring both of your hands near bottom of your legs


    • And try to lift your hips legs and upper body part above the ground with the help of your hands.



Pro tip for(utthita padmasan)

“Note: that when you are lifting your body and hip above the ground with the help of your hands do try to keep your fingers close by or in  arranged manner.”

Because if your fingers are apart it may cause trouble or lead to wrist injury so remember, keep your fingers together.

    • The the second one is  that one should do this until one can lift the  body  maximum of 10 to 20 seconds  is enough.


    • If one can hold about 20 seconds, then to the asana is doable.


    • Hold your breath during the lift then relax.


So after doing this just now let’s talk about some of its benefits

Benefits (utthita padmasan)

    • Helps in strengthening of wrist, the biceps and the triceps of the arm muscles are exercised


    • Another benefit of this asana is that while doing this asana the core strength is developed also the digestion  improves


    • This asana helps to develop confidence, also helps in relaxing and calming mind.


    • It also helps in the hip area and stretches the legs


    • the blood  circulation  is also  regulated along the areas of abdomen muscles, shoulder, arms ,legs, lungs.


    • Its one of the asanas which is helpful in relieving from anxiety and stress.



Precautions to be followed (utthita padmasan)

    • If the person is suffering from wrist injury, burn or cut on fingers then this asana must be avoided.


    • Overweight person should avoid this asana.


    • Another important precaution one has to follow during doing this asana is that the person should keep his fingers close to each other in order to be safe from wrist injury



 Vajrasana forward bend

This asana is another simple asana that anyone  can do for relaxing and calming the mind and increase concentration.



Way to do it (vajraasana)


    • The first step is to sit down and fold your legs in such a way that upper body rest on your ankles that’s it this is the vajrasana.


    • Next step this that bring your hands above your head towards towards ground and also bend yourselves towards the ground as if one is saluting the ground.


Breathing tip :Do normal breathing throughout this do this for 30 to 60 seconds relax.

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Pro tip (vajraasana)

    • Such a person who is suffering from high BP should avoid this asana.


    • Another tips that a if this asana is done for a long no period of time in one stretch it could lead to numbness in the legs so avoid doing for period in a single stretch .


vajrasana forward bend

Benefits (vajraasana)

    • Another yet inspiring benefit of this asana is that it reduces the belly fat, helps in throwing the digestion  also regulates the blood circulation towards the head.


    • This asana helps in calming the mind, also help in building concentration, and releases the tension in the spine and the neck muscles.


    • This asana also helps in strengthening the knees and thigh muscles and also the spine .



And bye for now. Until then be and stay healthy.

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1. Which yoga is best for stress relief?
Ans: to relieve stress and anxiety padmasana , utthita padmasan and vajrasana forward bend and meditation too can help

2. What are 3 ways yoga can releive stress?
Ans: Slow breathing, meditation for a specific time with focus, stretching in vajrasana and padhaastasana


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