benefits of Yoga for Asthma and facts

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So this disease affects millions every year and year.

So let’s start from the basic, the word asthma actually derived from the Greek word called “breathlessness”/ “panting” both of which describe as asthmatic attack.


We all know that whenever there are some person who is suffering from asthma that person might feel difficulties during breathing.

So what’s the real cause behind this let us see one by one with out wasting any time.

Obstruction of airways

So we all know that when we breathe normally and  air is taken through the nose or mouth and then goes into the trachea(windpipe), passing through lungs which contain many air filtering sacs called alveoli.

From where the air is transferred to the bloodstream and carbon dioxide from bloodstream is transferred to the air.

So the above is Just the normal condition during a breathing.

But in an asthma the airways of the lungs become inflamed and hence either get narrowed or completely blocked.

This obstruction of lungs however is reversible either with medication or using some pranayama exercise.

Asthma is also called as ROAD disease (Reversible Obstructive Airway Disease).

When I researched further about this disease on the net and also asked the

Both of them pointed out that the main reason behind this asthmatic attack are the common allergens associated with asthma.

So  as we all know that simply airways are highly sensitive to various factors.

So an asthma attack can be triggered by an allergic response to irritants or allergens  like tobacco, smoke, cold air, Pollen, Cockroaches, horses,dust weather or even by exercise, cold and sometimes stress.

The problem

When our breathing mechanism encounters these factors this triggers a response in the body.

The airway become obstructed by constriction of muscles surrounding the airways or inflammation and swelling of the airways or  increased mucus production further  the breathing pathway.

So it takes more effort to force air through such pathway and breathing becomes difficult.

Forcing of the air through constricted air-ways can make a whistling sound which we called as wheezing problem or asthmatic attack.


So because exhaling through the obstructed pathway is difficult .

Too much stale air remains in the lungs after each breath.

This decreases the amount of fresh air which can be taken in with each new breath, so not only that there is less oxygen available for the whole body.

But more importantly high concentration of carbon dioxide in the lungs causes the blood supply to become acidic this acidity in the blood may raise toxic levels if the asthma remains untreated.

So what could be the cure you can ask.


There may be another question that may also arise like during the olden days there were no Industrial Revolution right,

During that period did the people suffered from asthmatic attack?

Well, you all will be surprised that this (Asthma) has a long history of evolution.

When I researched, The earliest mention of respiratory distress and wheezing (the occurrence of a whistling sound while breathing) was in 2600 BC in China.

Until Hippocrates described it over 2,000 years later in Greece he also named it.


On every May 1st weeks Tuesday and also throughout MAY is observed as world Asthma Day.



world asthma day

According to 2018 survey report, In our India, around 2 crore people suffer from asthma.

Its impact is  10% and 15% in 5-11 year old children, according to Dr MK Gupta ,senior allergy and asthma specialist at AANCH Hospital.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that despite the major advancements in medical science, the exact cause of asthma is yet unknown.


Asthma has affected around  262 million people in 2019 and caused 461000 deaths.
all these fact sources are taken from Google.

Let’s move onto solution regarding asthmatic attack.


As it is a chronic disease which is lifelong in simple word and there is no such science advancement or any proper medication to cure asthma completely.
So this can be tackled with 3 steps

1. Proper controlled medication
2. Proper exercise like Pranayama(simply breathing exercises)
3. Prevention of allergens.

So latest dive in it,

 Proper controlled medication

Control medication in terms of inhalers like taking steroids, relaxing inflammation causing area by providing tablets these  medication can some how help one individual to relax and benefit  him with normal breathing for a short period of time.

But during a long run the steroids can damage the lungs capacity of breathing.
Only such steroids or medication should be taken according to  diagnosis of doctors .

If not then even worse could happen. So consult doctors.

 Proper exercise (like Pranayama)

So guys this is reality of ourselves with respect to pollution .

So unless Atmospheric pollution is dras tically reduced asthmatics will continue to find going tough.Yes obviously, one has to make an effort for controlling this disease.

Pranayama is of direct help in this situation.




“Remember that in the normal respiratory rate is  about 16 to 17 per minute .
But in Pranayama practice this is brought to one or two per minute.”

So  a regular practice improves ventilation of smooth muscles as the process of breathing helps in voluntary opening of airways. And also helps in bronchials relaxation.


Drugs may still be needed but the patient will do better with yoga and medication than with medication alone.
Simply remember Two is better than one.

 Prevention of allergens.

Most common allergens associated with asthma are

a) Substances in the air such as smoke, smog, other air pollutants .

b) food such as nuts ,peanuts, chocolate ,eggs ,citrus fruits, milk.

c) pollen, grasses, mold spores, dust mites ,animal dander, feather , canine.

d) also chemical such as scented product , cosmetics cleaning, solutions , strong odours from fresh paint


Even cold, flu and other viral infections laughing crying and yelling caused the breathing mechanism  to tighten sensitive lungs triggering the asthma attack.

So simply avoid them to reduce the asthmatic attack.


And bye for now. Until then be and stay healthy.

See you in the next article regarding pranayama types and ways to do it. Please do comment how was this article also

Take time and share it among friends and family to help them to fight with this chronic disease.

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