Bhastrika Pranayama

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pranayama - moorcha by sachin





Hello there everyone this article as  said earlier will focus much more on the Bhastrika pranayama the way we can control our breath and also improve lungs strength of our body and also improve our lung capacity.

pranayama - moorcha by sachin
pranayama – moorcha

 So i have incorporated all the important points regarding Bhastrika pranayama so that everyone can easily understand them . So learn this yoga method and stay healthy everyday.



 The next level of breathing exercise which is a great exercise for increasing the activity in terms of providing a better digestion , also helps in building strong lung capacity. So let’s begin without wasting any time


sitting positions of pranayama


Way to do it:

·        First sit in sukhasana or any sitting posture such as siddhasana or padmasana or even vajrasana with spine straight

·        Then now inhale such that your bodys chest expands also the along with the abdomen part too simply the stomach part also stretch while inhaling.

·        Then exhale very quickly

·        Simply try to do breathe in and out 3 times to 4 times within a second you will feel the burning sensation in your abdomen area also the lungs will become strong .

·        At the beginning , one may feel akward but for awesome health do it


Actually this bhastrika pranayama is also known as the asana which yogis and other yoga practitioner do to warm up  and before performing advance level of yoga poses.

·        The real way to do is elaborately explained below.


pranayama by soarthrough


Bhastrika benefits:

1.     The persons who are suffering from  diabeties in which the insulin secretion s imbalanced it can be regulated via performing this bhastrika

2.     Anxiety stress , angriness can also be reduced

3.     People who are suffering from asthma, any other lungs disease if they perform this bhastrika pranayama can easily buid up immunity cum strong lungs against such disease.

4.      Bhastrika  pranayama also helps the atheletes who do running, sprint, cycling, swimming, also.

5.     Also it helps in building the oxyen supply to the blood stream which interm helps in proper food digestion cum awesome brain focus and functioning.

source credit : soarthrough

Pro Tip:

The hatha yoga style that is pradipka involves way of raising the hands and while exhaling we raise them down and close them that is the fist is closed.

 Another tip is that this bhastrika pranayama involves only movement f the upper body part which is the shoulder portion and other one is abdomen portion.

If any other part of the body moves one has to control the other movements except the above.



So yeah there are also variation in this bhastrika pranayama here its mentioned below with respect to paces

1.     Fast pace bhastrika

2.     Slow pace bhastrika

3.     Medium pace



Fast pace bhastrika

The fast pace pranayama which is the bhastrika involves 3 to 6 breath per second which is very fast and also the bhastrika leads to higher amount of hissing sound


This fast pace bhastrika as already mentioned in the old yoga scriptures that the person who is suffering from  heart disease , hernia, and high bp, back pain should avoid it.



Medium pace bhastrika

The medium pace bhastrika pranayamawhich is the bhastrika involves 1 breath per second which is medium and also the bhastrika leads to medium amount of hissing sound It is mainly practiced by kapalbhathi practicers.



Slow pace bhastrika

The Slow pace bhastrika pranayama which is the bhastrika involves 1/2 breath per second which is medium and also the bhastrika leads to low amount of hissing sound.

 It is mainly practiced by old people as they have weak lungs and also this form of bhastrika is also called as samanya gathi of breathing.



Overall Precaution:

1.     If someone is pregnant , or having some back pain should avoid practicing.

2.     If one is having meals and then practicing then avoid avoid such practices for atleast 4-5 hours minimum after having meals.

3.     If you feel fainting up or dizziness stop

4.     If you want to practice the bhastrika  do consult with an yoga teacher before and also ask for providing you the breathing patterns accordingly to your condition.

5.     If you got fever do not do it.

So yeah how we can differentiate between kapalbhati and also bhastrika so I have mentioned it briefly



The Difference: Bhastrika v/s Kapalbhati

The main key difference between  bhastrika and kapalbhathi is mentioned below



It exhibits equal breathing both exhalation and inhalation It mainly focuses on the exhalation process
All the breathing process is mainly focused on our chest system While here the breathing is focused on the abdomen part in order
faster, slow, medium  pace  are there in this The breathing out usually is based with respect to nostrils in sharp manner



Conclusion :

So guys how a was this article do mention it in the comment portion as lots of research was done to make and compile this in one short form .

Do share among your friends and others to spread the knowledge and know how on pranayama more interesting and elaborated topics are on the way so yeah  Also be healthy and learn yoga

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