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Hello guys let’s soarthrough yoga today with wheel pose, yeah you had it right.In this article I am going to how can you do the chakrasana, which is also known as The bow pose like in the sense it’s facing upward direction.


Another name for this asana  is also called as urdhva dhanurasan. This asna is very much important in brazing the lungs capacity cum strength. While I was researching, I found out that chakra asana tends to uniformly  create an uniform alignment of all the chakras that we have in our body.

This asana almost targets on the body parts from the hips, spine, ankle, knee, wrist, palm, forehand, neck, head, almost every body parts.

Pro tip

So usually yoga exercises are performed during the morning or after big gap after your lunch for minimum about 4 to 5 hours  or for about 6 hours.

But the optimal time is morning time for performing the Yoga exercises.

chakrasan by sachin



 Way to do it Chakrasan

       1. This chakrasana can be done in two ways

       2. The first way is to lie down In  shavasan.

       3. Then pop up your body, with the support of your hands both hands, legs. And raise your hip above the ground.

       4. The another method to do this pose is just simply stand.

       5. Bend your body backwards, and support your body with respect to your both the hands keeping the hips in bow upright pointing like position.

       6. Then do normal breathing, while in inverted position.

       7. After this, if you are doing via the first method simply lower your body and focus on your normal breathing .

       8. And come back in  shavasan.

       9. If you are doing the chakrasana via the second method, then hold your breath and come back  to position straight one, then do the padha hastasan.





As chakrasana of producers stress towards all the body parts, increases the flexibility, One has to do a counter exercise such as  padha hastasan and  paschimuttaasan. to relieve from such stress.

Benefits of chakrasana.

      1. The abdominal fat is reduced, also  increases the spinal cord flexibility.

      2. Improves the lungs capacity cum its strength.

     3. Strengthens the arms, wrist, knee calves, shoulders.

     4. And also increases the blood level flow through body which helps in relieving from the stress.



    1. People suffering from high BP should not do this chakrasana.

   2. Also the the people who have a severe injury in the bones, ankles, wrist should avoid this asana.

   3. Neck injury ,slip disc or other major injuries do not try this.



Do the yoga practices always after consulting the doctor and also from a yoga instructor as many hacve different body conditions and other compilations .

 So do a consultation with your doctor before doing  any complicated, advance or intermediate move in yoga  exercise.


Conclusion :

So guys how was this article do mention it in the comment portion, chakrasana.is very helpful to increase  flexibility cum strength provider asana. 

But if you get not practicing regularly it may become an difficult posture and your knees might suffer the pain so keep practicing.

Do share among your friends and others to spread the knowledge and do Learn yoga more interesting and elaborated topics are on the way so yeah  Also be healthy and learn yoga.





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