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Hello there guys this article is all about the stress reliever asana called Gomukhasana. This yoga asana is actually performed with other seating asanas such as pranayama.

As gomukh asana is full package or i can say a combo asana which releives the stress of the major body parts and also an effective exercise such as surya namaskar.

This yoga asana is not only simple one but also very effective in helping out our sitting posture.


So let us begin the way to do the gomukh yoga asana.


Meaning of Gomukh asan:

Gomukh means cow’s face in sanskrit as well as in hindi , and asana means posture or pose.

This asana let me tell you all something that i kind of do it as its one of the good stretching exercises in learning advance cum intermediate asanas.


So let us dig in directly into this





Way to do it : Gomukhasana

1. simply sit down first then stretch your legs as a warm-up posture.
2. Now bend your right leg towards your buttocks and the other leg over the other in such a way that both legs overlap each other.
3. Next step bring both hands backward that is at the back and interlock each hand.
4. Do keep your spine stretched and in a stretched straight manner.
5. And breathe in ujjayi deep breath and then relax.
6. Now use the right foot below and left foot above and repeat all 5 steps.


Way to perform Ujyayi breathing

This type of breathing is a  very effective one as one can use it to increase their stamina if they are doing physical exercises such as running, skipping, jogging, cycling.
So how to do Ujjayi breathe well simply breathe in and out via nose with the lips or the mouth closed.

Benefits of Gomukhasana

1. Well Gomukhasana helps in curing sciatica also the greatest stress reliever  yoga asana
2. Gomukhasana also helps in toning the lower part of the body.
3. This yoga asana is also  a chest opener with which one’s breathing can also be enhanced
4. Gomukhasana also increases the strength of our back
5. Also gomukh yoga pose is a stretching exercise that stretches the legs muscles, thighs, shoulders, arms, biceps, and triceps.
6. this asana also helps in relieving shoulder pain.
7. Gomukhasana also helps in aligning the seating position.
8. This yoga asana also helps in relieving bloating, and constipation.
9. Also useful for those who sit for too many hours in a day.
10. People who want a good body balance cum co-ordination can do this asana.
11. Gomukh asana also helps proper kidney functioning and prevents type-2 diabetes too.

How long to be in gomukhasana

Well this is an easy one one can stay in this pose around 25 to 30 seconds . You can increase the duratin if you want to practice more.

Precaution for Gomukhasana

1. People who are suffering from piles, heavy neck, shoulder pains avoid
2. Pregnant womens avoid
3.  people who have wrist, knee, elbow injuries must avoid this cow face asana.
4. people with any kind lower pelvic region problems should avoid this asana

Pro tip:

So yeah many people in reality except for a few can interlock their hands while doing this yoga pose. But most of them at the beginning might feel difficulty in interlocking hands vertically to each other.
But don’t worry in the yoga learning phase do try to interlock as much as possible and try to remain in an erect spine position as the practice of this yoga asana increases it will automatically reach.


Do the yoga practices as important always after consulting the doctor and also from a yoga instructor as many have different body conditions and other compilations.

 So do a consultation with your doctor before doing any complicated, advance, or intermediate move-in yoga exercise.


Conclusion :


So guys how was this article do mention it in the comment portion, gomukhasana or the cow pose is very helpful to increase flexibility cum stress buster yoga asana.

But if you get not practice regularly it may become a difficult posture and your knees might suffer the pain so keep practicing.

Do share among your friends and others to spread the knowledge. Do  Learn yoga more interesting and elaborated topics are on the way so yeah  Also be healthy and learn yoga.


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