Simple working ways overcome the lack of self discipline

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So what is self discipline guys can we say it  skill or an art?
  • Well I may say it to everyone that if there is no self control and also a self confidence but not overconfidence also one who is clear in his path then goal can be easily achieved.
    • It is a  kind of  regular repetitive pattern  for everyone which will always develop to one who has trained his/her mind to work under his/her own will power with respect to surroundings.



  •  Our Will power is realy great and has a bigger and way beyond power than our physical strength people who know this can enact their will power in a such a way that  whatever the problem they are into by realising its root they can easily find their solution.
    • The The self beleiving or beleive in yourself as its the key for every individuals acheivement  in each and every feild also with respect to our history too.



If one can anyone i can give a challenge to them that if they say that the people who has acheived anything greater in his/her life, people who were the accurate,selfpassionate , powerful leaders , the greatest of all philosophers, amazing  inventors, scientists, it would be probably it will boil down to self discipline which they established within them to reach such acheeivements.

Such majestic great peoples have all lived the greatest life of self-discipline, in-fact self discipline is the only key and also it is an art of staying on course of sticking to a plan. real life example is illustrated below..


 So yeah let it be a greater minds on this earth, achieving a goal, creating a success business plan like Elon musk , Jeff brezos, all other famous personality they have been and are all self disciplined people.


How do you overcome procastination of self discipline :


Well firstly I know that  you all know that this self discipline building cannot be  done in one day , but follow these small steps to become one.


    • Firstly begin to recognize that the task or goal which you are going to make, it can be anything from hard related topics of a boring subject, or weight loss or literally anything then you have to forget about worrying simply saying don’t get tensed .


    • Just start with little steps, starting with a small quantity at regular intervals, removing distractions, staying self motivated


    •   I will discuss all of them in here also at the end you will have a bonus tip to boost you more. So let’s soar in



1.Distractions get rid of it But is it easy?


Before getting into this see your phone’s settings and search Digital well being  this helps one to view how much one spends his time on your phone usually 1 to 2 hrs is said to be friendly use of mobile but beyond that its harmful of course addicted.
So if you find yourself into phone frm more than 3hrs  congratulations you are addicted. so letme put it down in simple words



    • distractions,guys we are all surrounded by them everywhere from tv, cell -phone, in short social medias, also lot others,. I will only discuss here how can we overcome the distractions.


  • At first the things would not be in control but if you just give a start for the stuffs you have to do or achieve.
So how can you acheive distraction free enviroonment everyone will say stay focussed  and switchoff tv, screen times,… etc.But…


    • Firstly you should make  a small action plans by setting small goals with time frame for all  different  distraction part not only in your watch or mobile but also in you i.e in your brain you by default have got a watch I know that we all know that but only few follow them.


    • Second thing is if you work in a office then you must have  a clear desk or working  area with limited distractive stuffs around you  and with specific target also with your time frame for your distractions because it cannot be done in one day, as they say “that a great town wasn’t built in one day”.


    • Third way to achieve self discipline is follow the routine with specific plan in order to get most of  the goals of short term in order to get success for a long term run by not forgetting to set a time frame for distractions


2. Healthy mind will lead healthy body


So as you have read this sub-heading  it should be clear to you that only a healthy mind stays in sound body.


So in order to achieve self discipline you have to keep yourself healthy by doing  proper and regular  nutritious eating and do exercises on a regular basis.


Don’t worry if the start is not so good but if just start you will definitely get it. Because to get used to a new habit it often takes 21 days for anyone.
So don’t worry just have a start automatically things will come together as there is something called the law of attraction whatever you want to acheive just go for it and the whole surrounding will come together to help you acheive such goals.



Start with small and even when you achieve something just reward yourself for that .Beware and stay away from bad habits bad people and also bad influence it’s just simply ignore them like sherlock holmes does.
  Just guys please its not your surrounding which is stopping you it’s only your inner mind which always restricts you , push yourself forward beyond that fear.



3. Self discipline creates  attractiveness


Yes, If one is self disciplined it  will make you physically attractive the catch here is that when a person has control over his/her actions then  he will make and do things in a better way than most other people who lack self discipline.
    • Another thing that our mind always get stuck at  is that we often think that we need to change our circuimstances first rather than thinking about changing ourselves .


    • Well be the changed one than your past


  •  So yeah sharing is caring  simple words.


Please don’t get me wrong we always kind of run away from our duties if we find something which is kind of somewhat difficult be it  subject such as maths,history. job, or  other difficult work we often get  ourselves as you know and start doing other irrelevant works.


4. Make it emotional 


Here emotional discipline also comes into play . I have seen many of my friends who react too much in a simple situations and they see them as a huge problem. So one who can analyse his situations and can play accordingly can win over such problems.



 Yeah do  keep a practice  of self discipline this will not only control your emotions towards the social  behavior pattern but also help you to incorporate with positive vibes.


  • So practicing self discipline requires some exercises to be followed in proper way and regular exercising, proper intake of nutritious foods with respect to proper hydration to your body which can be done by regular and periodic intake of water, also try doing meditation .
    •  By practicing it for a short interval at first , next major step is to prioritize your days in and out work by keeping a action plan with respect to a backup plan then read or go through you notes, revise sometimes if you can everytime if you are a student regularly learn new stuffs, also last but not least sleep , at least ensure yourself that you get 7-8 hours of sleep daily or atleast 5 to 6hrs if you are going to do work like hell like elon musk sir.




Self-discipline will give you self control, it will increase yourself confident, also by leading a self disciplined life you can achieve anything .


     bonus tip
    • And for this bonus tip be grateful, thankful, and appreciate others, admire others struggle learn from it and yeah make great friends be the flow help the needed stay positive.



In a nutshell, discipline equals new levelup and helps to realise their unique personall . It gives you the way do anything effectively with respect to time management, to accomplish anything, to be anything you want.



Discipline your mind for greater goodand its and will be  one individual problem and you alone can form and create the solution it .



    • Wake-up! Go to work or college or school and spend entire day there, regardless of your preference or prejudice, irrespective of your level of motivation. and do side hustle and start again…and again


Always we are often put in such a situation where at somepoint our mind starts to adapt the new situation or simply stops whinning or complaining the inner self. This same applies to self discipline





Last one is that you have to be self motivated because in this world no one will be able to motivate you unless you are on your own willing to.
    • Its not that all the you tube’s channels motivational videos, motivational websites  are  something which will make and help you to be staying motivated


    • The reality of all social media is kind of harsh they kind of motivate you for very short period just increasing dopamine in brain for short period and then after sometime you will feel low . So its you who can help yourself change for better yourself.



But the motivational websites will help you show the path in order to achieve it in a short term way.                  



And hey just one more bonus tip!


    • To transform yourself for greater good you can either  do work on all of them , or the root of all of them , that is dependent on your mindset  and your thoughts.


So guys while writing this article I have donesome serious  research on this so please let me know that how was the article and don’t forget to stay healthy, and try to keep a social distance in the event of COVID-19 stay  and be safe stay healthy be self motivated

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  1. Very practical & beautiful articles.You are blessed to share your wisdom.Thanks.I have been teaching for the last 30 years [Integration of yoga & martial arts] Please helping clients, they need help from teachers like you. Blessings

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