Importance of Yoga practices and Benefits

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Hey there guys Yoga is something which is really great in its own accord as the name yoga means the union of the mind cum body and soul .
I have researched this and everywhere even my guru also taught the same that union and the coordination of the mind and the body leads to an effective action towards the goal.

Yoga is a union-a  one of the efficient process of making your own individual self with your essential Self.

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However, right from childhood we  are conditioned to think of ourselves in terms of the limited body-mind complex which our surroundings and the society put a great impact on this from all the sides. These sentences were actually mentioned by many ted talks and by lot of entreprenuers.These concepts become like so much dumping like a trash in the mind that it takes considerable effort not only through  physical effort to break out of  the box or the cube mind of the old way of the society,

thinking but  kind of  results in a different circumstances of ,stress and negative thoughts filling up our minds, we often feel small, helpless and defeated and finally we become depressed .


With Yoga,

physical benefits -Importance of Yoga

You will find the following physical benefits

1. increase in the  flexibility all round

2. increases muscles strength all over the body  and also  tones the whole body

3. There will be improved stamina, respiration too.

4. a great and balanced rejoicing metabolism 

5. One can even gain or loose the weight depending upon the asanas and the cycles involved 

6. Good cardiovascular systematic functionality.

7.Also helps one to build good lungs capacity.


So yeah, there are many physical benefits while doing the yoga poses if done with proper care and with good effort with respect to yoga teachers instructions.

So do consult the yoga practitioner, the doctors, before practicing any new unique or a pose.


Mental Benefits Importance of Yoga


Also apart from this physical benefits yoga internally helps in building good metabolism, and also helps in handling the stress of our daily haphazard life and day in and out activities, Also yoga can teach one how to manage the timing and the variations with respect to different pains relieving patterns if one has a thorough knowledge in yoga related practices.

Yoga way of practicing the practicing the pranayama and also meditation can help individuals from relieving from the chronic diseases such as asthma, thyroid, infact it helps priorly to develop the sense regarding such diseases.


Yoga versus other sports and exercises

This is the most common controversy among many of us is that we say I’m good with this type of sport or like to do this kind of exercises.
These different types of sports and activities, exercise are compared with yoga. Yoga versus other sports and exercises which wins. Well to answer this question there was a unique research conducted by group of many researchers from different countries.

Some of the popular and controversial


researches were the “New York times-2012” – there was a huge controversy about can yoga hurt one and other one is “Brain’s behavioural and immunity” – where yoga was compared with many other activities which were physical and helped to build health and stamina.

In one of the research, researchers chose people from different fields and profession in terms of their physical activity based schedule. So like one such of  person who were just doing swimming alone the whole day running alone, cardio alone, going to gym, basketball, football, and all the different types of sports that were taken up by the individual including yoga.
This all peoples where how to do the activity for a weeks. And then the researchers found out the resultant that the people who were doing all the different types of sports and activities were neither different from other, but were gaining that stamina, endurance via the sweat, consistency.
But when the researchers compared other physical activities  with yoga they found one unique difference between the both. The difference well was just minute that after doing some physical activities, sports everyone tends to become tired in order to build up stamina there’s nothing wrong in it it’s just part of process.
But meanwhile, when one does yoga both his/her mind and body are said  in coordination.
And after doing a session one or more the person will not feel tired instead they will be energized from inside. This was the main difference.
Therefore I am not saying that all the other type of sports or exercises that bad just that you can incorporate yoga too. Because it’s not something part of life it’s an integral  way of life.

Why School, college students has reason to like yoga.

By yoga if everyone does it regularly then it can benefit widely like these

1. Enhancing brain functionality

2. Lowers stress

3. Increases flexibility in the body especially the spinal cord area where important nerves are present.

4. By yoga one can Lower blood pressure so high BP people can get benefitted

5. Enhances lung capacity and also the breathing pattern can be enhanced

6. Relaxation from anxiety that students like us always face

7. Relaxation from chronic back pain

8. Also the  blood sugar level can be lowered in diseases like diabetes

9. One can also enhance sense of balance and coordination, focus.

10. Our  bones capacity for handling stress and strain also is enhanced.

11. Healthy mind cum body

12. There will be risk of heart related problems lower

13. Also increases strength in legs

14. Yoga increases ones core strength, self-esteem, helps in fighting

one’s external environment like distraction (social media worth mentioning i think).

15. This also improves in building a new habit.

16. Definitely helps in social media detox.

17.  Helps in betterment of our sitting, standing posture.

18. Definitely helps in building a hidden saviour power from burnout.


For helping in lowering diabetes yoga is found more beneficial.

  • Recently during, Covid-19 many health workers had a tensed situation, everyone one of us know. Which lead to burnout or tiredness to many of them, so via some special pranayama, and meditation the health workers were able to build up an proper ability to understand, comprehend, and react to our inner signals with respect to real haphazard scenario.
So these are some of good benefits, which wins over most of all vital gaps that has to be filled out around side of social media distraction filled world.
All thanks to maharishi patanjali wow what a great person he was.
  • “Importance of Yoga well it helps to boost the flexibility of the entire body .  yoga asanas will help you build strong flexible back, internal , concentration of the mind is also focused and improved, helps in anxiety, stress.”


Conclusion :

So guys how was this article do mention it in the comment portion, as a part of the daily life and the reunion of the mind and the body is called yoga and its of a great importance

Do share among your friends and others to spread the knowledge and do  Learn yoga more interesting and elaborated topics are on the way so yeah  Also be healthy and learn yoga.



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