why to do Laghu vajrasan|Little Thunderbolt pose how to do it


Hello there everyone this article I will discuss on Laghu vajrasan the way we can do it and also improve lungs strength, also increase knee strength of our body and also improve our lung capacity. So learn this yoga method and stay healthy everyday this yoga asana is said to appear in astanga yoga series.

The guys who are familiar with the camel pose or the ustraasan can with the practice can perform this yoga pose.

Note: This Laghu vajrasan is an advanced pose of yoga it should be practiced only after having a huge or regular practice of the camel pose.

Before Laghu vajrasan one of the important note is that people with flexible dstrong back should do to prefer this yoga asana or on the advice given by the yoga instructor.

Laghu vajrasan which is also called as called as  extreme camel pose. Yes this yoga asana will help you in increasing the flexibility in your body well this asana is intense oneand holding the position is important as alignment matters  problems may arise if not done properly.

So yeah let us begin the process

Before going into this first you have to do some stretching regarding this asanas as its an advanced yoga pose.

So yeah first you can do these stretches such as the list given below

1.       Padhahasta asan

2.       Paschimuttan asan

3.       Bhujangasan

4.       Matseya asan

5.       Vajrasan

6.       Ustra asan

After doing this postures you can easily see that the body has been prepared for this asan

Which is the Laghu vajrasan.

Way to do it:

1.       First you got to be in vajrasan

2.       Second you have to lift up your legs along with  upper body such as kneeling down as if your full body is supported on your knees , heel

3.       Now be straight in this position.

4.       Then bring your both hands upright likely backwards near the back like an arch and touch your both hands towards the heel .

5.       At the same time do the half bend.

6.       Then bring your back , neck towards the ground then also try to keep your head  at the soft portion of the heels .

7.       Hold this position with the both the hands held firm along the two main legs finger

8.       Do not forget to breathe normally if you can’t do ujyayi  breathing or hold the breath.


Laghu Vajrasan



The main benefit of this asana are listed below

1.       It increases the spinal cord flexibility also opens up the chest zone of ours.

2.       Laghu vajrasan is very helpful in increasing the blood flow towards the brain.

3.       It also helps in increasing the strength of the knee calves.

4.       The stomach, abdomen portion is also stretched which inturn helps the persons who are suffering from the digestion related problems.

5.       This asana helps the persons very much who want to go advance level or do the advance level  yoga asanas.

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1.       People suffering from migraines need to avoid this asana.

2.       Also people who are or have a knee-related problem, throat injury, or fever must avoid this asana.

Before performing this asana do always take advice, from a yoga practitioner or first ask your doctor before performing such exercise if anyone has a health compilation. And also please soarthrough this asana that can increase the coordination between your mind and body.

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Pro Tip:

If you feel that while doing the Laghu vajrasan you feel pain in your knees does keep a pillow as a base below your knees. Or even a soft cloth to reduce the friction between the floor and the knee.

If you feel that you cannot do the backward bend and touch the heels then simply hold your hips via both hands on each side and do the half bend backside.


There are also two prior postures that one can try before practicing the Laghuvajrasan, that are the Gomukhasan, and the balaasan, simple and effective that anyone can try and benefit from.

Conclusion :

So guys how was this article do mention it in the comment portion, Laghu vajrasan is very helpful to and also a flexibility cum strength provider asana.

But this one involves very good practice of the ustra asana.

Do share among your friends and others to spread the knowledge and Do, Learn yoga more interesting and elaborated topics are on the way so yeah  Also be healthy and learn yoga



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