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Hello everyone, today I am going to share power yoga  for core strength which will help you in reduce belly fat and help you to develop 6 packs to 8 packs if you practice it regularly. So I am going to discuss few yoga asanas  mostly navasana along with variations and its benefits in this entire article so let’s begin.

power yoga  for core strength



Ardha  Navasana  (half naukasan)

So this Asana  is also called as boat posture it helps one to build his Core  strength and also helps  in better digestion  so this  ardh navasana   this  power yoga for core strength helps in burning fats around your belly and makes them stiff so let’s  dig in



Way to do it (ardha naukasan)

    • First lie down in shavasana.


    • Next slowly lift your both legs at about 30 degrees and also lift your upper body part 30 to 35 degrees and bring your both arms parallel to each other towards your knees.


    • And breathe slowly.


    • Do this for a few seconds such as 15 to 30 seconds. then relax  in shavasan.



 Pro tip (ardha naukasan)

    • Main tip here is that you have to keep your back as much as possible straight because if its bend it could  lead to back injury.


    • This asana should be avoided if a people have asthma


    • Also one should avoid this aasana if one is pregnant or having some menstrual problem.



Benefits(ardha naukasan)

    • Helps in building core strength


    • it also helps in toning the thigh muscles, also helps in toning the Kidneys.


    • Another important benefit of this asana is that it helps in  workout of the bottom abs and this  power yoga helps one  for attaining core strength.



Uttanpadha asan

This asana has got numerous of benefits if one does  it on a regular flow so let me say the meaning of this asana  uttanpadha means “rise legs”. This asana is almost helpful for everyone  has got  one more variations( uttanpadhasan modified) which i would discuss in a while . so let’s begin


uttan padasan


Way to do it (Uttanpadha asan)


    • The first step is to lie down in Shavasan


    • The second step is to bring up your legs both of them together toward about 45 or to 60 degree.


    • And this time don’t raise your head or upper body part instead one can keep his hands besides his hips or near abdomen or even behind them for support.


    • Next using abdomen power raise your legs 45 or 60 degree.



Uttanpadha asan (modified variation)


Ways to do it (Uttanpadha asan)

    • So first lie down In shavasan


    • And with elbow as a support raise yourself  let the make a 90 degree towards the ground


    • Now do the same raise raise your legs together with the abdomen power  about 45 to 60 degree  do inhale  it out if one can then he can do with 90 degree lift.  and then  lower and exhale. Now do this with opposite breathing as this guide below



Note down the breathing form for both of them :

    • As it’s a dynamic exercise it is very beneficial for strength building of core muscles .  these are some breathing guides


    • Normal breathing as usual its done like this one


    • While you raise your legs you inhale and while you’re release your legs but the legs should not touch down.


    • But to bring more effectiveness the opposite breathing is adopted like this one


    • First breathe out while raising your legs then breathe in while lowering towards ground.



modified posture (uttanapadhasana)


Pro tip modified posture (uttanapadhasana)

    • Do this for three to four times in a day people having  disease in abdomen should avoid this


    • People Suffering from ulcers ,digestion problems , high bp , periods ,should avoid this.


    • This exercise if done under an expert will be more beneficial  because it involves tension at the back as its dynamic exercise.


Also any exercise if one is doing he should consult his doctor or an export or an  practitioner.



    • well there are a lot of benefits of this asana some of them are


    • It helps the diabetes


    • It helps in building the abdomen muscles


    • Also helps in toning of the thigh muscles back also the ribs and the mid portion of the stomach muscles


    • It also helps people suffering from constipation, arthritis, digestion problems, helps in releasing intestine gas


    • Helps in relieving back pain



Purna navasan( modified boat posture)

This asan is just a modification of navasana so let’s begin

Ways to do it

    • First lie in shavasan


    • Slowly lift up, keeping your abdominal support lift both of your upward and the lower portion of the body  in a v shape.


    • Bring your hands parallel to each other along with the knees.


    • Breathe slowly for a few seconds and then relax in shavasan.



purna naukasan (modified posture)

Pro tip

    • Do keep your back and neck straight while reaching out towards your knees




    • Helps in building balance


    • This person also helps in no of your lower thighs and helps in toning of the muscles.



 Mountain pose(grounded pose)- parvatasana

This yoga form is also included in suryanamaskar, so lets see how to perform it

Way to do it:

    • Now slowly exhale and keep your both hands parallel to each other touching the ground and raise your back in a mountain shape by keeping your legs and the front neck stretched.


    • Also bring your shoulders towards your knees.


Pro tip :

    • Avoid this asana incase if one has got wrist injury or if one’s hip or ankle has got injured also the spinal cord injured persons should avoid this





    • This pose improves blood circulation and calms the mind


    • Also helps building muscle power(in triceps area) improves flexibility


    • This asana also helps in increasing ones lungs capacity


    • It tones the spinal nerves and tones the neck and nervous system it also strengthens the muscles of the shoulders, arms, legs.



Plank pose: dandaasan

I this asana is also performed in suryanamaskar ,its very helpful in building the wrist strength and helps one in building the core strength for effective strengthgain this asan is usually performed after performing the mountain pose or Parvatasana.



Way to do it:(dandasan)

    • Keep your breath on hold while doing this plank pose


    • Don’t forget to look down have a kind of horizontal neck don’t stretch it too much.


    • Don’t raise too much the hip or the abdominal section


  • An ideal time to do this is about 30 seconds for a beginner and 60 seconds or more for an intermediate or pro


    • Helps in strengthening of the hand and wrist muscles.


    • This helps one to build muscles in the abdomen section and also helps one to correct the posture of the body.


    • Your body will be trained to be better at coordination.




Hope you enjoy doing it as these are some dynamic exercises which will enable one to definitely build core strength which is most important factor when it comes to the age as a factor where ones posture gets detroirated along with his age and in this haphazard fast paced life .These poses if practiced regularly will gain you your six packs or even 8 pack it depends.


And bye for now. Until then be and stay healthy.

See you in the next article. Please do comment how was this article also

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