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 Hello there everyone this article as  said earlier will focus much more on the pranayama the way we can control our breath and also detox our body and also improve our lung capacity.


 So i have incorporated all the important points regarding pranayama so that everyone can easily understand them . So learn this yoga method and stay healthy everyday.

pranayama by sachin
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Pranayama is also called as as you al should have come across many articles that will describe it as 

Pranayama – called as prana or pran or simple life source with which we are alive.

Yama- as the one of the ways to control such activity.

Note: that pranayama is always used in every part of the yoga asanas every posture we do also in our day to day activities.



So yeah let us begin 


so the basically Five types of the breathing are always there in pranayama as its the base

1. breathing via alternate nostrils( also called nadishodhana)

2. Kapalbhati Pranayama

2. (Ujjayi) means during a victory the way we  breath

4. Sitali Pranayama

3. honeybee humming way of breathing( also called bhramari)

4. (bhastrika) simply heating the body via flow of the breath like the blacksmiths does with the fire



Let me get you all the interesting facts  regarding these ways of breathing and it’s benefits to your body

·         Improves sensors of ours both in hearing and also sensations

·         Enhances our lungs capacity which is important now a days as we all have to fight lungs related diseases

·         Improves mind and body co-ordination which will help both  in handling any tasks with concentration and we will also stay more conscious

·         Also the most important part is that the stress is also reduced

So yes , let me describe all the four method of breathing patterns and way to do it


Pro tip:

At the initial time of practice it can be done for 5minutes and as you a become regular to it you can do them for 10 minutes to half n’ hour or even 1 hour or 2 hours.

Pro tip : Nadi shodhana can be done at any time


    Breathing via alternate nostrils( also called nadi-shodhana)

Way to do it (nadi-shodhana)

·        One can do this even while laying down or at a sitting posture such as these below mentioned

·        One has to first exhale and then close one of his/her nostril and then inhale via other nostril

·        Similary do this via other nostril


How long to hold breath and release or relax ( in nadishodhana)

·        If you are a beginner then you have to breathe in for tik-tik 4  seconds then hold the breath for  tik -tik  8 seconds , then release the holded air for  again 4 seconds.

·        Do this upto 10 to 15 cycles and see the result — you will be calm refreshed, also your anxiety , nervousness, will be reduced.


   Kapalbahathi  Pranayama

So this exercise is something which one who kinds of feel as if there is anose blockage or mucus formation or even if the breathe is blocked in airways of the nostrils this kapalbhathi can be used to clean that

Way to do it:(Kapalbahathi  Pranayama)

·        First sit in a posture as mentioned then first keep in mind that while breathing in the stomach part should go towards back or spinal cord

·        So do breathe in for 4 to 8 seconds if a pro do more than that

·        Breathe out very fast via nostril as if mucus too may come out as it’s a cleaning process for your lungs

·        Next, repeat this via counting the exhalations almost 30 times if you feel strange reduce it upto 15


 (Ujjayi) the ocean like sound  inside your mouth

      The power of ujjayi is great it simply will create an energetic like feel also helps in increasing the lung capacity.


Way to do it:(Ujjayi)

·        First sit on padmasana or sukhasana

·        Then simply breathe in via both the nostrils  for 1 to 2 seconds

·        Then breathe out but not normal one

·        Breathe out via both nostril in such a  slow pace so that you can hear the breeze sound inside the mouth that is travelling via nostrils

·        If you have enough time repeat it for 25 to 30 times  if not you can  do minimum  as much as you want.

Sitali Pranayama (cool mint naturally)

The main aim of this pranayama is to make your mouth as cool as mint or halls when put inside your mouth. Usually when someone feels heat or burning sensation in mouth they can try it out.


Way to do it: (Sitali Pranayama)

·        So to do this one as to first fold their outer part of a tongue such that it it looks like a parabola inverted  and mouth or lips portion in small “O” shape

·        Do inhale while keeping the tongue in a parabola inverted shape then  you will feel the cooling effect and also the hissing sound

·        Exhale via nostrils and close the mouth while exhaling.


Note: If one is unable to fold their tongue in such a shape then simply do it in normal flat manner.


Bhramari Pranayama 

Well the Indian bee like effect of humming is something very effective let us see how we can perform it

·        First sit in a comfortable position with your awesome back or spine in vertical or straight position

·        Second one but most important is to do this in “Yoni mudra”  also called as shanmukhi mudra


Note:One has to close their ear via thumb, and keep the forefinger near eyes, also the middle finger near the nose and index finger at the cheeks point but don’t join the teeth upper and lower in mouth there should be minimum gap and mouth must be in closed position.


·        The breathing should be via nostrils and not via mouth,  while exhaling one has produce the humming sound like “Hummmmm” . 

You can do this for 5,10 minutes and also very effective in reducing the stress, anger, anxiety too most importantly improves focus , concentration of mind.


So let us move on the next pranayama Well this one is something special.



 The next level of breathing exercise which is a great exercise for increasing the activity in terms of providing a better digestion , also helps in building strong lung capacity. So let’s begin without wasting any time.


Way to do it:(Bhastrika)

·        First sit in sukhasana or any sitting posture with spine straight

·        Then now inhale such that your bodys chest expands also the along with the abdomen part too simply the stomach part also stretch while inhaling.

·        Then exhale very quickly

·        Simply try to do breathe in and out 3 times to 4 times within a second you will feel the burning sensation in your abdomen area also the lungs will become strong .

·        At the beginning , one may feel akward but for awesome health do it


Actually this bhastrika pranayama is also known as the asana which yogis and other yoga practitioner do to warm up  and before performing advance level of yoga poses.

For more in detail read Bhastrika Pranayama


Conclusion :

So guys how a was this article do mention it in the comment portion as lots of research was done to make and compile this in one short form .

Do share among your friends and others to spread the knowledge and know how on pranayama more interesting and elaborated topics are on the way so yeah  Also be healthy and learn yoga . See you all in the next article.






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