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This yoga asana which is a muscles builder also an helper for our food digestion and also to the internal organs of our body is  called Utthitapadmasan Tolasana or Elevated Lotus Pose.
So guys today in this article tolaasana or Utthitapadmasan  which i will discuss in this entire article.
Let us dig in.


So this asan involves our major body part  in the air for sometime which we have to lift ourselves with our two hands or one can also use the yoga blocks as a support in lifting.
Utthitapadmasan involves the hands palm and the wrist, biceps, triceps als the elbow kjoints play a major role.
Utthitapadmasan | Tolasana


Way to do it: Utthitapadmasan

1. First one has to sit in the sukhasana or in padmasana.
2. After this, place the both hands below your thigh region
3. Now lift yourself as much you can, while breathing in and then hold the floating position and try to hold the breath then  slowly release the breath
4. while lifting up one has to keep in mind theat the spine should be straight and also the lotus position or padmasan position should also be still in that position .
5. Then now release the breath and come back to the padmasan position  and then relax.

How long to be in Utthitapadmasan position

Well this depends on the persons balance and the coordinaton between the mind, body and the muscles.
* If one can hold the position for about 15 to 30 seconds , then we can say that the persons resistance and the stamina is developed.
* Ideally one can do this holding or lifted position for around 10 to 15 seconds  for 5 rounds.
So yeah, this above one i practice everytime as it has got one huge secret benefits which i will discuss below in the benefits part of this section.

Benefits of Utthitapadmasan

1. It helps one to build the muscles strength and also helps in building up the biceps and the triceps muscles.
2. If one does this asana for regularly like everyday they will oberve that their digestion systems process is improved also that more endurance will be building around their abdominal regions.
3. This asana helps the people to reduce the low confidence straightaway builds up the confidence in ones individual if they practice on regular basis.
4. As most of the bodies main funtional area after brain is this stomach and the abdominal area due to Utthitapadmasan practice it regulates proper functioning of the digestive systems tract and other operations smoothly.
5. Utthitapadmasan boosts positivity vibes.
6. Utthitapadmasan also helps in building corestrength or this can simluy called as core strengthening exercise.


Pro Tip for Utthitapadmasan

1. while practicing the Utthitapadmasan | Tolasana | Elevated Lotus Pose one has to be cautious while lifting up
Below i have mentioned that pro tip

Lifting Precaution

Be carefull, do not place your hands like showing 5 or like spreading apart , keep your hands fingers closeby to each other simply put the shape of the hands should be as such close together as if you are slapping someone thats the shape while lifting up—- to avoid wrist injury.

Who can do Utthitapadmasan

1. People who have wrist injury, stomach pain, injury in your elbows, shoulders should avoid this yoga asana.
2. Any person can do this asana but subject to above and below mentioned precautions.


Do the yoga practices always after consulting the doctor and also from a yoga instructor as many have different body conditions and other compilations .

 So do a consultation with your doctor before doing  any complicated, advance or intermediate move in yoga  exercise.

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So that was the article on Utthitapadmasan or elevated tolaasana  everywhere on the internet i searched they pointed out that its an quite difficult asana as many overweight people find it difficult to uplift themselves or have difficulty in practicing this asana .

So my free tip to them would be start with the padhahastasan, slowly improvise , do simple stretches, and yeah maintain balances with respect to every succeeding asanas to get the stress releive from sometime from our haphazard daily life and  world.

Also help me bring up new categories do write your suggestion even its bad or good i am ready to accept.


In near future i will share the sequences of yoga poses,  fitness tips  and how more effectively one can perform the asanas to get benefit from it.

Conclusion :


So guys how was this article do mention it in the comment portion, Utthitapadmasan.is very helpful to improve digestive tract disorders cum core strength provider asana.

But if you get not practicing regularly it may become an difficult posture and your knees might suffer the pain so keep practicing.


Do share among your friends and others to spread the knowledge and Do , Learn yoga more interesting and elaborated topics are on the way so yeah  Also be healthy and learn yoga.

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