Yoga asanas will it help gaining weight| How to increase weight with yoga

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Hello guys this article is all about the Yoga for gaining weight| How to increase weight with yoga that will help one individual to gain the weight and increase their metabolic activity.

So yeah let us start via this one well , everyday people work in an haphazard manner and they all try to do their work indoors more and more sitting infront of the screens say it the I.T and aalso all the other industries .

This leads one to develop more and more fat which we have to actually utilise inorder to be healthy and due to this many of us join the gym and start working out to stay fit.

Its great infact it also helps the individuals to build up the stamina. So let me get it straight to you, some people join fitness for reducing the weight but what about the people who want to gain their weight via yoga.

So here are some effective yoga poses to increase the weight of an individual if he/she does these yoga poses regularly.

The first one will be the shava asana the sleeping pose or the dead pose yeah its effective and also quite simple when one does this.   Just lie down and relax at the end or at the starting of any sleeping posture asana.


Another great asana is the matsya asan this is one of the effective postures to gain the weight and also it properly enables the digestive system, cardiovascular systems function smoothly.

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chakrasan by sachin



 Way to do it Chakrasan

       1. This chakrasana can be done in two ways

       2. The first way is to lie down In  shavasan.

       3. Then pop up your body, with the support of your hands both hands, legs. And raise your hip above the ground.

       4. The another method to do this pose is just simply stand.

       5. Bend your body backwards, and support your body with respect to your both the hands keeping the hips in bow upright pointing like position.

       6. Then do normal breathing, while in inverted position.

       7. After this, if you are doing via the first method simply lower your body and focus on your normal breathing .

       8. And come back in  shavasan.

       9. If you are doing the chakrasana via the second method, then hold your breath and come back  to position straight one, then do the padha hastasan.




Another  one of the yoga poses and its benefits for asthma Sarvangasana  means “all the body (in total) posture” It helps in mainly  reducing the respiratory Problems such as Asthama attack. If one does it on the regular basis the person can get benefit from it. Let us see how to do it with respective precautions






Way to do it: sarvangasan

    • First get into savasana this means simply lie down.


    • Next, raise or lift your legs, with the help of your abdomen power then raise them till they are straight enough in a 90 degree


    • Next note that bring your both your hands as a support behind your back then again don’t lose focus and look towards your toes and maintain them in straight way.


  • Also try breathing slowly be few seconds in this position about 15 seconds  and come back and relax in savasana

 Vajrasana forward bend

This asana is another simple asana that anyone  can do for relaxing and calming the mind and increase concentration.

This yoga asana also promises if done on a regular basis a good digestion tract functions, reduces the constipation also helps in increasing the metabolism if practiced regularly.



Cobra pose- Bhujangaasan




Way to do it: Bhujangaasan

    • Hey there keep your hand and feet as of before where they were ,then inhale and rise up.


    • Bring your hip down, let toes relax so stretch them and look upward.


  • Remember don’t stretch your hands too straight they are to be slightly bent as they are to provide support and to be strained
Asana is the Utkatasana or the half standing chair pose.
It is one of the easiest asana to gain weight.
This asana or pose is very effective in increasing the endurance and strength at the knees areas, the thigh muscles, and also very helpful in building the strength at the joints section of the knees.

Way to do it: Utkatasana or the half standing chair pose.

  • First , The person doing this asana has to stand straight.
  • Also next he should be be standing by keeping his feet apart atleast a 1 feet gap between two ankles.
  • Next, Step is to lower the bottom portion of the waist or stomach in such a way that one makes a chair like pose.
  • And the hands position of the person can be either facing upwards or can also face horizontal parallel to each other like the chairs resting parts held for the hands.
  • The main this is that, When one starts doing this asana at 1st 15 seconds one may not feel a thing, but as the timing increases with respect to position one will start feeling  a strain, pain at the knee section.
  • It is said that the later you feel the pain the more strong are your knees.
  • So yeah, do normal breathing while performing the whole asana, also one has to be very cautious when you start getting pain if you can resist then its fine otherwise relax back to standing pose.


  • With a long consistent practice this asana increases the endurance or workability and strength of your legs.
Yeah so not only doing this yoga poses will help you out but after doing this yoga poses which will increase the strength one has to follow a proper diet by eating or undertaking real natural nutrients and not the artificial ones.
Do consult the pediatricians, nutritionists, or doctor , yoga instructor before practicing these yoga poses.

Conclusion :


So guys how was this article do mention it in the comment portion, these asanas are very helpful to increase  flexibility cum helps you to increase the weight . But if you get not practicing regularly it may become an difficult posture  so keep practicing.

Do share among your friends and others to spread the knowledge and do Learn yoga more interesting and elaborated topics are on the way so yeah  Also be healthy and learn yoga.


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