Yoga for thyroid problems

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Good day everyone this article is mainly going to be on how to help one with yoga for thyroid and hyperthyroid conditions. I think many of us know about thyroid problems these can be helped by using yoga asanas. In this article I am going to share about 7 yoga poses and its benefits  which will be effective in thyroid and hyperthyroid conditions.




Pro tip:

    • One should take care of his/her health and avoid unhealthy fast foods or unhealthy eating .


    • One should also get in touch and should consult a Physician or a doctor to check which kind of thyroid problem is he/she suffering from before doing yoga.


So now before digging in here is a piece of advice from many experts and doctors throughout world (through research) that- this yoga poses can only help oneself to fight with disease also it will improve the immunity and it will not form a substitute for any of the medication . s lets dive in .

So these are some of the 7 yoga poses and and its benefits for thyroid and hyperthyroid condition

Yoga for thyroid and hyperthyroid conditions

Sarvangasana(shoulder stand pose)

Sarvangasana  means “all the body (in total) posture” It helps in stimulating and stretching the thyroid glands

If one does it on the regular basis the person can get benefit from it. Let us see how to do it with respective precautions






Way to do it:(sarvangasan )

    • First get into savasana this means simply lie down.


    • Next, raise or lift your legs, with the help of your abdomen power then raise them till they are straight enough in a 90 degree


    • Next note that bring your both your hands as a support behind your back then again don’t lose focus and look towards your toes and maintain them in straight way.


    • Also try breathing slowly be few seconds in this position about 15 seconds  and come back and relax in savasana


Pro tip:

    • At a begining stage if someone occurs neck pain keep a pillow or some soft material below your neck.


    • High BP, neck pains , neck injured, oversized thyroid glands such as neck or spleen or liver, shoulder pains, or pregnant persons should avoid this .



Benefits:(sarvangasan )

    • Persons having repiratory disease such as asthma and bronchitis can be benefitted by using this asana .


    • Increased blood flow to the brain as all the body parts are lifted , helps in better digestion, relieves back pain, neck muscles get stretched.


    • This reduces anxiety, relieves stress.


    • Also another benefit of this asana is that the eyes which receive a flow of blood will stay healthy.


  • Normal thyroid problems can be benefitted.

Matsya asana

Matsya asana is simply called by fish pose it helps in stretching of  ones neck and thyroid glands. It also helps in reducing and relieving stress and depression.

There are two types of poses so let’s see them

The base form to do this is by sitting in padmasana so let’s dive into it.





Way to do it ( Matsya asana)

    • The first step is to sit in the padmasana .So first sit then raise and fold your right leg over the lap of the left one then again do the same with the opposite leg.


    • Next step is lie down in the same pose on your back


    • Then squeeze yourself starting to lift your head then your ribcage region .


    • After that bring your both the hands and then and with the help of them touch both legs toe which have now overlaped during padmasana


    • Do breathe slowly and normal way.


The second form is

matsya asan posture2


Way to do it:

    • Simply lie down.


    • Next rise with help of your elbow and by keeping your heads suspended towards ground and your legs on rest to the ground


Pro tip:

    • The main tip here will be don’t rush in doing this pose in a hurry go with the flow and do it slowly.


    • People having high or low BP, migrane or hernia or peptic ulcer or neck pain or back pain or heart disease should avoid doing this asana.



    • People having asthmatic problem bronchitis matsyaasana  is useful for them as it reduces it


    • It improves digestion, reduces constipation problem, Also exercises the intestine areas and at the pelvic zone


    • Another benefit is that our thyroid gland is exercised as it gets stretched while doing this asana.


Setubandhanasana:Bridge pose

This asana is very helpful in activating the thyroid glands the backside of the neck is completely stretched  so quickly see how to perform this


 setubandhan asan



Way to do it:(Setubandhanasana)

    • First lie down in shavasan


    • Now lift yourself up through your abdomen muscles while keeping your both legs parallel to the ground along with your head


    • Also grab your heels with your both hands and breathe slowly for a few seconds and then relax.



    • Very beneficial yoga asana for the thyroid and hyperthyroid gland problems.


  • Helps in strengthening of the back muscles.

Dhanurasana (bow pose)

This bow pose is one of the most effective asanas for both thyroid and hyperthyroid problems as it is helpful in proper  producing thyroid harmones so let us see how to do it.





Way to do it:Dhanurasana (bow pose)

    • Lie down on your stomach side


    • Lift both front chest along with your arms swaying and being lifted towards your back also simultaneously lift both your legs and hold them with those two hands. Do breathe slowly and normally.



    • Definitely it strengthens your back and very beneficial in thyroid and hyperthyroid conditions


    • Helps in reducing menstrual pain and also it can relieve the stress of your body.



dhanurasan variation 2



Note: there are two variations – 1st one is done by beginers and the 2nd by intermediates.


Cobra pose- Bhujangaasan

    1. This is just another simple asana also it is a stress reliever its one of the asanas involved in

surya namaskar

    . It helps in increasing the thyroid function and this asana can be performed by all age groups  so let us dig in.




Way to do it: Cobra pose- Bhujangaasan

    • Hey there keep your hand and feet as of before where they were ,then inhale and rise up.


    • Bring your hip down, let toes relax so stretch them and look upward.


    • Remember don’t stretch your hands too straight they are to be slightly bent as they are to provide support and to be strained



    • It helps flexibility, mood, also help in asthma .


    • As it stretches shoulders , neck ,back, leg muscles all at once


    • People suffering from back or neck pain or thyroidism or hyperthyroid should do this asana.


Pro tip:

  • Avoid this asana incase one has got hernia or ulcer or any surgeries.

Boat Pose:Nauk asana or navasana

This one  is another simple asana that anybody can do it.This asana is very helpful in thyroid and hyperthyroid related problems so lets do it.


 naukasan or navaasan



Note: you can keep your foot stretched also and can also hold your hands to the knees.

Way to do it:Boat Pose:Nauk asana or navasana

    • Sit on the floor and then note you got to divert all your weights towards your abdomen region


    • Lift your legs in 45 degree and also your ribcage, chest, towards your knees.


    • Keep your both hands in parallel position of your knees . Either you can hold them to the knees or simply be at parallel position.


    • Breathe gently then relax.



    • It helps in in thyroid and hyperthyroid conditions


  • It is very helpful in strengthening the core and back bones also stretches the lower thigh muscles.

Bitilasana marjaryasana: cow and cat posture:

This combination of the cat and the cow posture are very helpful in stimulation of the thyroid muscles and it also helps in the stretching of the neck and the throat .It is also one of yoga for thyroid and hyperthyroid conditions It is believed that this asana helps in provoking thyroid gland so let us see how to do it


 vajraasana step-1



Way to do it: Bitilasana marjaryasana: cow and cat posture:

    • Sit in vajraasan, now make a half stand on your knees then bend forward and stand with support of two hands . simply bend down on all your four supports like child crawling.



  Bitilasana  step -2



    • Now inhale and lift your ribcage up and look down and slowly release.



    marjaryasana step-3



    • Then now slowly exhale and lower the ribcage and look upward and stretch your throat and slowly breathe and then relax.


    • Do it for 3 to 5 times or more if one can


Pro tip :

    • Pregnant women at mid stage should not do this



    • Helps in thyroid and hyper thyroid related problems.


    • Helps in stretching the chest muscles and relieves the back stress. Also improves the knee strength.



So guys hope you all easily understood this yoga asanas these  yoga asnas are said to be beneficial  for thyroid and hyperthyroid related medical conditions along with medication and also with Doctor’s advice and your medical practicioner.

So see you in the next article, Until then stay smart and stay healthy.

See you in the next article. Please do comment how was this article also

Take time and share it among friends and family to help them to gain knowledge with these yoga asanas.








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