Yoga poses for Asthma relief

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Hello everyone , in this article iam going to say to you 5 effective yoga poses and its benefits for reducing asthma. Well, asthma problem is world wide way more in number  about  272 million people of all ages in this world get affected by this asthma it is still a major challenge in this world. But yet as there is no medicine yet discovered to eliminate this  asthma people often try to suppress it for a short time with help of inhalers , gas and tablets.

Which in the long run can weaken ones immune system and reduce their lungs capacity of breathing to avoid this

Here are some effective and proven yoga poses and benefits   along with its precautions which can help to reduce asthma in natural way and

Also while doing this 5 yoga poses it will help in increasing one’s own immune system naturally by doing regular practice

So let’s dig in.



5 yoga poses and benefits for asthma


Ustra Asana 

Ustra Asana  yes this pose is also called by camels pose. This pose is very helpful in increasing our bodies flexibility. This asana has numerous benefits and has to be done with some precautions in mind. So let us dive into it.

Way to do it:




    • Firstly sit down and bend both of your legs backside. Simply sit on your legs


    • This pose is known as Vajrasana next  make a half stand  with the knees , legs as a support at bottom  in “L”  shaped


    • Slowly bend yourself backwards and then bring youself towards your back and in the meanwhile bring your  both hands and try to touch  your toes. This is it.


    • Do normal breathing. Only the people who have high, low BP or neck pain or migrane or insomnia  should avoid doing this asana

      Ustra asan(camel posture)



Pro tip:

    • Hello there this asana can be kind of  dizzying for the new ones at starting but that’s ok.


(as its very less in intensity ).

    • This asana can be done more than 2 times depending upon ones will to do or else one time is enough.




The benefits of doing this will be seen only after a regular practice. So guys these are the following benefits:

    • Firstly there will be increased blood circulation toward our limitless brain to help it function better


    • Second thing is that if one guy has a backpain or if has chest pain using this asana he can relieve himself from such pain.


    • Last but not least is that if one has asthma or respiratory disease he can  use this asana to reduce them .




Another  one of the yoga poses and its benefits for asthma Sarvangasana  means “all the body (in total) posture” It helps in mainly  reducing the respiratory Problems such as Asthama attack. If one does it on the regular basis the person can get benefit from it. Let us see how to do it with respective precautions






Way to do it:

    • First get into savasana this means simply lie down.


    • Next, raise or lift your legs, with the help of your abdomen power then raise them till they are straight enough in a 90 degree


    • Next note that bring your both your hands as a support behind your back then again don’t lose focus and look towards your toes and maintain them in straight way.


    • Also try breathing slowly be few seconds in this position about 15 seconds  and come back and relax in savasana



Pro tip:

    • At a begining stage if someone occurs neck pain keep a pilloew or some soft material below your neck.


    • High BP, neck pains , neck injured, oversized thyroid glands such as neck or spleen or liver, shoulder pains, or pregnant persons should not do this .



    • Persons having repiratory chronic disease such as asthma and bronchitis can be benefitted by using this yoga  asana which is found to reduce asthma


    • Increased blood flow to the brain as all the body parts are lifted , helps in better digestion, relieves back pain, neck muscles get stretched.


    • This reduces anxiety, relieves stress.


    • Also another benefit of this asana is that the eyes which receive a flow of blood will stay healthy.



Matsya Asana: Fish posture




Matsya asana is simply called by fish pose its very helpful in asthma attacks an bronchitis. The base form to do this is by sitting in padmasana so lets dive into it.



Way to do it:

    • The first step is to sit in the padmasana .So first sit then raise and fold your right leg over the lap of the left one then again do the same with the opposite leg.


    • Next step is lie down in the same pose on your back


    • Then squeeze yourself starting to lift your head then your ribcage region .


    • After that bring your both the hands and then and with the help of them touch both legs toe which have now overlaped during padmasana


    • Do breathe slowly and normal way.


Pro tip:

    • The main tip here will be don’t rush in doing this pose in a hurry go with the flow and do it slowly.


    • People having high or low BP, migrane or hernia or peptic ulcer or neck pain or back pain or heart disease should avoid doing this asana.



    • People having asthmatic problem bronchitis matsyaasana  is useful for them as it reduces it


    • It improves digestion, reduces constipation problem, Also exercises the intestine areas and at the pelvic zone


    • Another benefit is that our thyroid gland is exercised as it gets stretched while doing this asana.




Halasana means “plow pose” this asana involves stretching of almost all the body parts. its one of good yoga poses which has got benefits for asthma So let us see how to do it.




Way to do it:

    • Lie in shavasana lift your legs above your chest by using your abdomen power keep your hand below and try to either interlock them or simply place them parallel to the ground.


    • Next slowly bring your knees near your face and stretch your legs and keep them together and stretch them touching to the ground.


    • Now do slow normal breathing. Then relax.


Pro tip:

    • Neck pain , pregnant or headache or enlarged thyroid or chest pain peoples, avoid it.


    • While relaxing do it slowly not in a rush .



    • One of the awesome benefit of doing this pose is that the whole body is worked out almost . also there is an increased in the blood circulation which is helpful for the brain function.


    • Helps one to improve digestion related problem, , relieves stress.


  • Helps in increasing the lungs capacity inorder to build immune system against asthma and other lungs related disease
    • This asana reduces the chance of getting the most common disease in the world that is Diabeties.


    • Another important benefit is that it helps in the production of the insulin and definitely increases flexibility.



Cobra pose- Bhujangaasan

This is just another simple yet a great yoga poses for asthma also it is a stress reliever  so let us dig in

Way to do it:

    • Hey there keep your hand and feet as of before where they were ,then inhale and rise up.


    • Bring your hip down, let toes relax so stretch them and look upward.


    • Remember don’t stretch your hands toostraight they are to be slightly bent as they are to provide support and to be strained




    • It helps flexibility, mood, also help in asthma .


  • As it stretches shoulders , neck ,back, leg muscles all at once



Hope you enjoy doing it. And bye for now. Until then be and stay healthy.

See you in the next article. Please do comment how was this article also

Take time and share it among friends and family to help them to fight with this chronic disease.







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